Allergan downgrades their saline implant warranty

Very quietly, almost under the radar, Allergan has changed the terms of their saline implant warranty.
It only affects patients who have received saline implants after July 1, 2014.  The changes do not apply to patients who receive gel implants.
Now, under their “standard plan”, they will continue to give lifetime replacement in case of deflation for both sides.  However, there is no more financial assistance for surgery costs.  Zero money to help patients with expenses.  This is the big change.
They have, however, now introduced a new “Premier” level of warranty, which costs $200 to purchase, and the patient must enroll within 45 days of surgery.  With this plan, up to $2400 of financial assistance is available during the term of the warranty.  So this would probably be used up with one operation.
Editor’s note:  While Allergan is certainly within their rights to change their warranty policies, I really dislike how they haven’t brought this to the attention of the plastic surgery community.  No emails, letters, announcements, messages from our rep – nothing.   I found about the changes quite incidentally today (9/16/14), so I am posting this immediately for the information of our upcoming patients.
As yet, there are no implant warranty changes announced by either Mentor or Sientra.

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