3-D imaging: Update from ASAPS 2011

Here’s a cool product I checked out in Boston: 3-D imaging for patients, without an expensive, dedicated multi-camera system.

Swiss software company Crisalix has been working on this for several years, and now they are at the stage where they are offering a commercial product, designed to help patients thinking about breast augmentation surgery. Simply upload 3 standard digital photos, 1 taken face on, and two taken from the lateral (side) position to their secure & protected server, add in some measurements, place some digital markers on selected topographical landmarks, and five minutes later – they send you a 3-D reconstruction image.

Then, using their morphing software, they can show you how the image would change with an implant placed there, and even demonstrate how it might look in a swimsuit or in a shirt! They have all the dimensions for commonly used saline and silicone implants, and can show what a subglandular, dual-plane, or submuscular implant might look like. I checked this out in Boston, and the images look pretty good – close to what I would expect in a clinical situation.

They charge $50 for this service – so it’s a fair question if patients would be willing to pay extra for this, or not. (Let me know what you think, people!)

Imaging companies like Canfield Imaging and Axis Three have also had 3D imaging systems like this – but they were expensive, costing in the range of $20,000 – $40,000. The dedicated cameras were moderately large, and required a room dedicated to the equipment. This new software from Crisalix doesn’t have these drawbacks. However, it doesn’t work on ptotic (droopy) or large (D+) breasts as yet – these will apparently be addressed in a future software upgrade. It also may not be quite as good as the Canfield system for patients with a lot of chest wall (ribcage) deformities.

We’ll be trying out the new Crisalix software. If you are interested in having a 3D image of your breast and torso made, let us know during your breast augmentation consultation.

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