Allure Magazine’s 11 most overrated cosmetic procedures

Allure Magazine’s senior editor, Ms. Joan Kron, recently published an article called the “11 most overrated cosmetic surgery procedures”(link), and I thought this was well worth commenting on.  Ms. Kron has received several awards from our plastic surgery societies for journalistic excellence in covering our field – so her articles are always worth a read!

Here are her picks – the cosmetic procedures where the downsides, risks or simply the lack of proven benefit based on scientific data – make the procedure of questionable value.  I’ve added my comments to each one. Drum roll, please…..

1.  Vampire Facelift – There’s no good science to support this treatment as being beneficial.  I don’t perform it, even though Ms. Kardashian and others celebs like it. (link)

2.  Laser Liposuction – There’s no study showing it’s actually better, results-wise, than regular liposuction.  But the trademarked name sure sounds cool, doesn’t it?  It’s certainly not minimally-invasive, as often advertised.  While some surgeons are enthusiastic about it – typically those who have bought the machine and have to make the payments on it – others say it causes more scar tissue, and makes further liposuction more difficult.  I’m in this second group – so I use Power Assisted Liposuction, which has a proven track record.

Recently, Cynosure, the manufacturer of SmartLipo is promoting a modified version of SmartLipo for use in the face called the “lazerlift”.  Don’t do it!  There’s a whole blog post coming on this bad idea!

3.  Stem Cell Facelift – The New York Times just did an article on this (link).  Most doctors that offer a so-called stem cell facelift are really just doing standard-issue fat transfer to the face.  Since 1% of the fat contains stem cells, they use the “stem-cell” buzz word.  Very misleading.

4.  Sculptra and Artefill for the lips – These products are designed for the cheeks and other areas where they can be placed deep in the tissues.  In the lip, they will cause lumps for sure.  And did I mention that these are permanent lumps?

5.  Silicone Cheek Implants – Pretty much made obsolete by our injectable products and fat grafting techniques.

6.  Ulthera – Very subtle ( i.e. hard to see) results, painful to have done.  Current treatment protocol is “under revision” by the company.

7.  Fat Injections To The Breasts – Here’s one topic where I disagree with Ms. Kron.  I think that this really is a useful technique, for both augmentation and reconstructive purposes.  It’s certainly more expensive and more time consuming than a breast implant, and gives a different, more natural looking result than an implant.

8.  Brachioplasty – The issue here is the scar, that typically goes from  armpit to elbow.  This can be a great procedure for massive weight loss patients, especially with our posterior scar technique.  It’s not good, however, for someone who just needs a little improvement of a basically normal arm silhouette.

9.  Buttock Augmentation with Implants –  These are really only used if the patient is not a candidate for fat transfer to the buttock, also called the Brazilian Butt Lift.

10.  Zerona Lipo Laser – Essentially this is like shining a few laser pointers on your skin and expecting there to be fat loss.  I am still surprised that this gadget got FDA approval.

11.  Foot Lifts – My scrub tech, Lindy, says “no go on toe lipo”.  Or cosmetic foot surgery.  I agree!

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