ASAPS 2009: new technologies in body contouring

At the recent ASAPS meeting, a number of breakthrough new technologies were presented, as potential alternatives / improvements on the standard liposuction technique. Bear in mind that most of these wonder gadgets are still in the developmental phase, and do not yet have FDA approval.

But some of the before & after photos looked pretty exciting! Definitely something to watch for over the next few years!

The techniques presented included:

Focused external ultrasound for fat reduction: “Liposonix”, “UltraShape”
Radio-frequency assisted liposuction: “BodyTite”
Water-assisted liposuction: “BodyJet” – which is FDA approved.

The BodyTite before and afters seemed to show some clinically significant skin shrinkage effects. Their built-in skin temperature monitoring system may offer a better degree of protection and higher effectiveness than competiting laser lipo machines. But the UltraShape and Liposonix machines have the advantage of being external, non-surgical treatments with minimal “downtime”, even though the results are more subtle than traditional liposuction surgery.

It’s too early to tell which horse will win this race….

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