ATX-101: the new injectable fat-melter

Here’s an update on the progress of ATX-101, an up and coming drug which melts fat by injection.  (We’ve reported on this previously in our blog, now here’s the latest news….)
It’s like mesotherapy, except with actual science, data and careful clinical testing.

In two mid-stage trials, injections of ATX-101 reduced fat deposits under the chin within 16 weeks, researchers said this week at the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual meeting in San Diego.

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of ATX-101, are hoping that its experimental drug, a formulation of the bile acid sodium deoxycholate, will become a pharmaceutical alternative to neck-lift surgeries and liposuction for this area of the body.

Pooling the results of two double-blinded studies, researchers evaluated 155 patients who had been randomly assigned to four groups. Three groups received ATX-101 injections in different doses and the fourth received a placebo. Injections were given at baseline and weeks four, eight, and 12.  At 16 weeks, all three ATX-101 groups showed statistically significant improvement compared to the placebo group. ATX-101 patients also reported significantly greater satisfaction with their appearance than the control group.

The effects appeared to last. More than 90% of those who responded 27 months after their last treatment showed continued or even greater improvement. Likewise, at the same point, more than 80% reported continued or greater satisfaction with the treatment.  Adverse events were mild to moderate pain, swelling and other issues localized to the injection site; they cleared up within 28 days.

ATX-101 has not yet gained FDA approval. According to Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Inc, more clinical trials are getting underway in Europe and the U.S.

Source:  Medscape – edited for length & clarity

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