Back-log at the FDA

Here is a partial list of products that are awaiting FDA approval. All of them could be significant improvements over what we have now. And these are just a few examples…

Fillers: Belotero by Merz, and Aquamid by Contura

Botulinum toxins: PurTox by Mentor

Breast implants: “gummy bear” form-stable implants – both Allergan and Mentor

Fat-grafting: Celution by Cytori for stemcell-assisted fat transfer

Body-contouring: radio-frequency assisted liposuction by Invasix; Focused non-invasive ultrasonic fat melting by Ultrashape.

All of these have been featured at the “Hot Topics” sessions at the various ASPS or ASAPS meetings, and many have been discussed here in our blog. The approval of even two or three of them could significantly change the way things are done here in the U.S.

We’ve been waiting for a “yes” or “no” answer on the gummy bear implants, for example, since 2007. And yes, these products are all available in Europe…

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