Beware: Lipotron 3000 – a bogus fat treatment

This week a patient came to my office, and told me about her treatment here in Orlando with a gadget called the Lipotron 3000. It’s advertised as being a radiofrequency machine that can melt both subcutaneous and visceral fat, and is promoted as part of a weight loss treatment called Lipo-Ex or LipoFast. It’s also called the “non-invasive radiofrequency assisted lipoplasty”(RFAL) machine.My ears immediately perked up – because this machine is well-known in our industry, but not in a good way. Turns out, the Lipotron 3000 is not FDA approved as a fat melting or weight loss machine. While it does use radio-frequency energy, it flunked the FDA approval process in 2007 and again in 2008-2009. Its only approval is in the much more limited “massage machine” category.

Nevertheless, its manufacturer is promoting it for fat loss and weight loss, which is way outside of that category. The FDA is not at all pleased with this flaunting of the law, and has told the manufacturer, RevecoMED, to cease and desist. (see FDA letter here)

So, please beware: several spas and weight loss clinics in the Orlando area use this device. It’s a sham – it does not melt visceral fat, and is not even particularly good at tightening skin or melting subcutaneous fat.  Buyer beware.

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