There are a number of cosmetic surgery solutions to help shape and sculpt your figure.  Two of the most popular are liposuction and tummy tucks.  Many women choose to combine these with breast surgery, for a “Mommy Makeover”.  While you are looking at our webpages, please be sure to download our free e-books on tummy tucks & liposuction and breast augmentation surgery.  We want you to be well-informed!

Dr. Fiala has the expertise and skill to help you reach your cosmetic goals. The practice is well-known for tummy tucks and mommy makeovers.  Additionally, Dr. Fiala was the first surgeon in Central Florida to utilize the intra-operative “T.A.P. block” anesthesia method, which helps patients be dramatically more comfortable, for up to 3 days after their tummy tuck.  It’s very effective!  And now we’ve added PECS blocks for increased comfort after breast reduction and mastopexy surgery.

Body LIft Before & After - Dr Fiala

We offer a variety of cosmetic surgery solutions:

A thorough consultation is the first step.  Together, we can discuss your options, answer your questions and prioritize your desires.  For recommendations on body contouring and pre-op weight, click here.

To receive a personalized information pack with specific details on the procedure you’re interested in, send us a request by clicking here.

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