EON body contouring

EON is a non-surgical laser body contouring device.  Like CoolSculpting, it doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia to have a treatment.  Unlike CoolSculpting, eon uses tissue heating with a laser, rather than cooling, to trigger the process of fat cell reabsorption.

The 1064 nm laser is safe for all skin types.  And a powerful cooling jet keeps the skin surface cool and comfortable.

EON is FDA-approved for treatment of subcutaneous fat of the abdomen and flanks.

EON was developed in Winter Park, Florida by Dominion Aesthetics – and Dr. Fiala has been one of main investigators since the design phase.  His research was a pivotal part of the machine receiving FDA approval, and has been published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and in Lasers in Surgery & Medicine.

In the studies, one round of treatment (=3-4 segments) with EON resulted in:

  • a 6 mm average reduction in fat thickness – or about 21% of the fat thickness for the abdomen study group.
  • 1.6 inch waist measurement reduction

Each treatment segment takes about 20 minutes to complete.  An average abdomen has 3-4 segments, depending on your size and shape.

The EON laser head skims over the skin surface, guided by a robotic arm, without touching the skin.  There are no gels, pads, straps, or suction.  There is no post-treatment massage needed.  You can resume regular activities immediately.  Most patients have found the treatments to be quite comfortable.  ( Average rating:  2.5 out of 10 soreness )

Results take about 12 weeks to appear.

Eon, however, can not treat over tattoos, scars, or fresh surgical sites.

As further investigations are completed, we expect more body areas to be treatable with EON.



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