“Botox Bandit” gets 5 years of jail time

This week in Orange County, California, the “Botox Bandit” was sentenced to five years in prison for committing multiple burglaries, fraud and identity theft against several Orange County businesses. The California woman got her nickname after using fraudulent checks to pay for more than $3,000 worth of Botox treatments, in addition to a string of other crimes.

Melissa Chesney, 46, pleaded guilty to 21 felony counts, including nine counts of burglary, five counts of identity theft, four counts of forgery, two counts of grand theft, and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

According to the D.A.’s office, Chesney admitted using fake identities and fraudulent checks at six different businesses between February and May 2009. She also admitted to committing burglary and grand theft against a department store in January 2009, and burglary, forgery, possession of a fraudulent driver’s license and possession of methamphetamine in February 2009.

Sounds like her facial wrinkles were the least of her problems!!

Source: O.C. Register

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