Congratulations: Grace Medical Home

Once in a while, people get together and do something pretty special.

Here’s a good example: a team of physicians, nurses and community-minded volunteers have joined together, and after years of planning, have opened a new medical facility in downtown Orlando, to serve low income (up to 200% of the federal poverty level) or uninsured people needing medical care.

It’s called Grace Medical Home, and it’s located at 51 Pennsylvania Street, near ORMC. They do both adult and pediatric care, and have onsite X-ray and lab facilities, too.

Congratulations to Dr. Marvin Hardy and Dr. Kirsten Carter, who are the driving forces behind this project, and who are “walking the walk”, working at the center.

I’m told that the amount of support from the community, in terms of time, energy and donations, has been huge. Grace Medical Home will be meeting a real need in our community. Well done, everyone!



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