Could Latisse be used for baldness?

Latisse, the blockbuster product for eyelash growth from Allergan, is now being tested to see if it has any effect on hair growth on the scalp. A clinical study (info here) is about to get underway, for both male-pattern and female-pattern hairloss.

The Phase 1 trial, scheduled to start this month, will focus on the safety of two formulations of bimatoprost, which is the active ingredient in Latisse.

We actually tried out this idea at our office for a patient with alopecia who had tried everything else – well over a year ago. And it did seem to work – the patient could see a visible difference in her hair growth in the problem areas. Although I contacted Allergan’s Office of Clinical Affairs about our result, and suggested doing a study just like this, they claimed they weren’t interested at the time. Now they’ve come around!

The key to success will probably be to adjust and optimize the dosing and formulation. Hey Allergan: try making it stronger, and put it in a gel or mousse!

Cool stuff. Hopefully, a future variant of the Latisse formula will be another option for men and women with hair loss. If successful, it would certainly be another home-run product for Allergan!

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