Does an asthma medication Lithera hold the secret to melting fat?

Answer:  it very well might.  Almost under the radar, a company named Lithera has been quietly investigating the idea of manipulating fat cell metabolism with a simple injection of two drugs that are already FDA-approved, but traditionally used for other purposes.  They’ve discovered that two asthma medications, Advair and Servent, which we have used for years in an inhaled form, are actually great fat busters when used in a low-dose injectable form.  And Flonase, the nasal spray for allergies, improves their fat melting abilities when added to the injection.Lithera’s patented product, code-named LIPO 102, has been promising in early trials.  Patients get a series of injections for 8 weeks.  Lipo 102 up-regulates the metabolism of the fat cell, basically tricking the body into burning the fat naturally.  There’s little pain apart from the injection, no swelling, and no downtime.  Unlike competitor ATX-101 from Kythera, Lipo-102 is fat cell specific, so there’s no chance of skin damage or lumpy fat necrosis.  It sounds like a great non-surgical option.

The study patients who had this treatment lost an average of 1/2 inch off their abdominal circumference in 8 weeks, with about one-quarter of the patient group having a reduction of over an inch during the same time period. It should work in other areas as well, such as under the chin, or in fatty deposits in the lower eyelid.  And the treatment can be repeated later, for more of an effect.

The company is continuing testing, in preparation for FDA review and possible approval.

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