Experts say: Large volume buttock injections are dangerous


This press release is from our colleagues over at the PSP (Plastic Surgery Practice) website.
******The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety recently launched a campaign aimed at reminding consumers that no pharmaceutical filler or injected device is presently FDA-approved for large volume injection to the buttocks.

The popularity and hype surrounding buttock augmentation and other large-volume body enhancing injections on blog sites like and outside U.S. borders is an alarming and potentially deadly trend, cautions the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety. Permanent fillers such as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), silicone, and polyacrylimide used in augmenting buttocks and hips can not only result in disfigurement but have resulted in death and serious injuries both in the U.S. and abroad.

The recent death of a woman in Argentina following buttock augmentation was not a result of plastic surgery,” says Brazilian plastic surgeon Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes, MD, PhD, and past president of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It (was) the result of a dangerous practice with fillers that are not intended to be used in this way.” Buttock augmentation is a hot topic in the media and a popular procedure of surgical tourism,” often performed in countries where standards are less stringent.

Recent headlines of death in the U.S. include cases in Tampa, Florida where an unlicensed, non–medical provider allegedly injected two women with a homemade combination of industrial silicone oil and saline to augment or enhance the shape of their buttocks, and a woman in the Bronx who died after illegal silicone injections resulted in the substance migrating to (traveling) her lungs, producing respiratory failure.”

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