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Chin & Neck Cosmetic Surgery

An attractive face has well-defined proportions, with a good balance between the middle-third and the lower-third of the face.

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Common issues with the neck and chin areas include:

  • A weak chin.  Also known as “microgenia”, a weak chin creates an optical illusion that makes the nose look too prominent or the neck heavier. A chin implant, which is placed through an incision hidden inside the mouth or in the wrinkle beneath the chin, can restore the proportions of the chin, and make the face and neck proportions look better.
  • A heavy neck or “double chin”.  This can make one appear heavy. By removing excess fat with liposuction, the balance of the lower third of the face can be restored, and the double-chin appearance can be reduced or eliminated.  We also have two non-surgical methods for dealing with neck fullness:  CoolSculpting and Kybella.
  • Loose neck skin.  Even if the neck is slender, loose skin beneath the chin or on the front of the neck can look aging. Depending on whether this occurs by itself, or in conjunction with jowling and lower facial laxity, a neck lift or lower facelift can be performed to significantly improve the appearance of the neck.  For minor degrees of neck skin laxity, we have several non-invasive external med-spa treatments, such as ThermiSmooth.  For people with mild laxity who aren’t ready for a facelift, the ThermiTight procedure is another excellent option.
  • Neck bands. These cords in the middle of the front of the neck are called “platysmal bands”, and actually are formed by the front edge of the platysma muscle. They can be improved non-surgically with Botox, or treated more definitively at the time of a facelift.
  • Sun-damage and texture changes of the neck and decollete. Brown spots, skin tone irregularity and fine lines and wrinkles can be improved with fractional laser skin resurfacing, photo-therapy with IPL, or light chemical peels.

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