Fashion tips for curvy girls

Dressing stylishly, when you are extra-curvy up top, can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions from fashion pros that may be helpful, whether you are naturally well- endowed, or recently had an augmentation.Consider trying: 
–  scoop or V-neck designs
–  wrap dresses
–  keep detailing on top to a minimum – keep it simple
–  shirts and jackets should be fitted to show off waistline
–  solid colors typically work better than patterns
–  good fit is a must;  if necessary, buy a slightly larger size and have it tailored.Avoid:
–  crew-necks & turtle-necks
–  frills and ruffles
–  bows in the front
–  formless tunics
–  poor fit or poor support of bust

It can also be a challenge to find clothes that fit well at the local mall, as “off the rack” doesn’t fit.  That’s where on-line retailing can be helpful.  Here are some links that patients have alerted me to – I have no commercial connection with any of them.

Dress shirts, tops, dresses:
Rebecca & Drew – dress shirts are sized based on the woman’s bra size and height; seen on Oprah.
Bravissimo / Pepperberry – sized based on “curvy”, “really curvy”, “super curvy”.  UK-based, so sizing is slightly different than USA.
CarissaRose – seen on Oprah; shirts & dresses
Campbell & Kate
Biubiu – 3 curviness levels; more “vintage” look.  Website is in both Polish and English.

Swimwear specialists:
Zena swimwear – custom fitted swimsuits and bikinis
Freya swimwear – available here or here
Bikini Beach – sizes D-F
Miss Fit UK
Bras & more
Linda’s – the famous NYC bra-lady, featured on several TV shows
Bra Smyth (NYC)
Jenette bras (LA) – for the “overdeveloped and underserved”
Bravissimo (UK)Sizing note:  many of these stores have their own sizing methods.  You may not wear your “usual size” at these stores….so ask for fitting advice, and be prepared with your exact measurements.Some of these stores use “traditional” bra sizing, in which 4-5 inches is added to your ribcage measurement to determine the band size.  But some stores use a newer “alternative” sizing method, in which your actual ribcage measurement is the same as your band size – this results in a much larger sounding cup size and smaller band size than what you may be used to.  Please ask.

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