Is Xeomin better than Botox? Or is Dysport the best?

With the advent of the new botulinum preparation called Xeomin, many people are wondering which one is better – Botox, Dysport or Xeomin?  Here’s what we know, scientifically speaking:

1)  A comparison study (here) of Botox versus Xeomin for wrinkles in the glabella (frown lines) found these two products to work virtually the same, according to independent raters.

2)  Botox and Xeomin spread out through the tissues to the same extent, so the patient’s response to the placement of a given dose is very similar.  (study #2 here)

3)  The potency (LD50) of Botox and Xeomin is very similar – so the dosing is the same.  No conversion ratios are needed.  (study #3)

4)  Xeomin worked identically as well as Dysport in a comparison test in the crow’s feet area, when the usual 3:1 conversion ratio was used.  (study #4)

Conclusions:  So far, the three preparations work in a very similar manner for the treatment of dynamic facial wrinkles.  There’s no convincing study – as of today – that shows a clear winner.

In other words, people, what we have here is a three-way version of “Coke vs. Pepsi”.  Pick your favorite…they all work.  We have all 3 of them available at our Orlando, Florida office.  Come on in and give your favorite a try!

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