Lifestyle Lift – Fined $300,000 for deceptive advertising

In this report from ABC News (link), the Lifestyle Lift organization has been fined $300,000 for deceptive advertising practices.

Apparently, Lifestyle has been having their employees write gushingly positive comments about the Lifestyle facelift procedure on various internet forums and chat rooms, when these people never had the procedure, and certainly weren’t non-biased, independent reports. More than that, they also developed phony websites that purported to be some patients’ own websites, describing their Lifestyle lift in very positive terms.

The Lifestyle lift is, for all intents and purposes, a form of mini-facelift. And as we’ve said before, when you try to get by with performing less surgery, you often get lesser results.

Thanks to Dr. DiSaia’s blog for alerting me to this news item!

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