Liposonix: still waiting for FDA approval

Imagine a machine, that without anesthesia or invasive surgery, could take away fat from your abdomen, making you a dress size smaller 6-8 weeks after one treatment. Sounds pretty interesting, right? As it turns out, there are several companies that are working on machines that can safely and successfully achieve this very thing.

One of the leaders in this field, Liposonix, uses focused ultrasonic energy to coagulate a layer of fat about one-half inch beneath the skin. The body then gradually absorbs the damaged fat cells over time. Based on the presentations I’ve seen at recent Plastic Surgery meetings, there appears to be a real and noticeable difference in the before & after photos.

Liposonix had been pushing for FDA approval. Just last week, however, the FDA said that they wanted to see even more data….which means a delay on the release. The machine is already in clinical use in Canada and elsewhere (sound familiar?)

So far, the Liposonix machine has only been used to treat abdominal fat. The company says not to use it if you have less than a centimeter (0.5 inch) of fat, if you have surgical scars in the area, or have previously had liposuction.

It’s pretty intriguing….and unlike some of the other non-invasive treatments we’ve discussed, (e.g. lipodissolve, zerona) this one looks as though it might actually work! Time will tell just how it fits in with the body shaping tools we have. It will be especially interesting to see how the results of Liposonix treatments compare to Zeltique, UltraShape and some of the other non-invasive body contouring contenders.

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