Liposuction – Keys for Success

In order to get a good quality result with liposuction, there are a couple of key factors. These can be nicely divided into “patient” and “surgeon” factors.

On the patient side:
1) Good skin elasticity. Probably the most important factor, as liposuction relies on the natural elastic recoil of the skin for the “shrinking up” effect that occurs after the procedure. Liposuction will not make loose, floppy skin tighter. People with loose skin are not good candidates for liposuction, and usually need some form of body-lift surgery (tummy tuck, etc.)

2) Liposuction is not: a cure for cellulite, or a weight-loss method.

On the surgeon side:
1) Remove the fat evenly and smoothly. Sounds obvious – but surgeon skill is a big part of getting good liposuction results. Experience counts. Don’t over-do the suction in one area, or you’ll risk a post-operative “divot”. I prefer to maintain a little fat just below the skin, to reduce the risk of irregularities and grooves, avoiding what’s known as “superficial liposuction”.

2) Don’t think that the “latest gadget” replaces the need for surgical skill. There’s a great deal of marketing hype about new liposuction technology – and it’s important to scientifically evaluate the often-exaggerated claims that a manufacturer makes. We’ve seen this type of hype recently with the wave of new laser-assisted liposuction machines.

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