Mentor updates its moderate profile implant line

Mentor, the breast implant manufacturer, has announced a few minor changes to its line of moderate (low-profile) silicone gel implants.

Effective immediately, the “Moderate” profile line will now be called “Moderate classic”.  They’ve also added a few more in-between sizes, to allow women greater choices.  The shapes have also been slightly updated – they are now slightly more rounded and a little more narrow than before – making them pretty comparable to the Allergan Style 10 implant, in my estimation.

The older “moderate” implant family will be phased out.  No rationale was given for this change.

There have been no changes in the design of the Mentor “Moderate Plus” implant (the most popular one at our Altamonte Springs office), or their high profile implant.

Editor’s note:  This minor change should not significantly affect people who are considering the Mentor moderate implant for their breast augmentation – the differences between the old and the new are very subtle.

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