New: Cytori PureGraft 250 arrives in Altamonte

I am pleased to report that we are trialling Cytori’s PureGraft 250 device. Our goal is to enhance and improve the results of fat transfer procedures with this clever system (seen here).

The FDA-approved device uses a filtering process, called “lipodialysis” (by Cytori), to help clean and filter liposuctioned fat, in order to make it suitable for grafting to other areas of the body. The purified fat is then ready for placement, using a special micro-droplet syringe called the Cytori CelBrush. The PureGraft system is designed to purify the fatty mixture without the need for transferring the fat into a high-speed centrifuge, which is a very time consuming process.

We’re excited about this new gadget. If it lives up to the manufacturer’s claims, it will be a great little tool in the OR!

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