Non-surgical rejuvenation of the eye area

While our surgical operations for the upper and lower eyelid can yield some pretty impressive improvements, not everybody wants to jump directly to surgery right away. Many patients want to know, “Doctor, what can you do for me without getting invasive?”

the answer: quite a lot, actually. The secret is to combine several non-invasive techniques in an artistic way.

For example, when we look at the eye area, we commonly see the combination of:
a) crow’s feet,
b) texture changes in the lower eyelid skin,
c) lowering of the brow position, and
d) the “tear-trough” groove, running diagonally downward from the inside corner of the eye, around onto the top of the cheek.

We can use non-surgical methods to address each of these concerns. The combination is synergistic – working together nicely better than any one treatment by itself.

Crow’s feet can be significantly reduced with the use of Botox or Dysport. A small dose of Botox (or Dysport) just beneath a low lateral eyebrow can elevate it in a subtle way. Filler injections, such as Prevelle Silk, can be used to fill in the valley of the tear trough area, making it much less prominent. Finally, a light chemical peel or laser can be used to resurface the lower eyelid skin, improving the texture.

Naturally, these options may not be as powerful as their surgical counterparts, but for many thirty and forty-somethings, it’s really all they need at the moment.

And none of these options requires a trip to the operating room under anesthesia!


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