On-line photo morphing for plastic surgery – is it any good?

There are a few websites that claim to simulate the effects of plastic surgery on a photo that you can upload to the site. Others have adjustable 3-D renderings of models, where you can adjust their appearance by moving slider-type controls, to more closely mimic your own appearance.I’ve looked at a couple of these, and yes, they are fun to play with. You can check them for yourself: lookingyourbest.com, reshapr.com, and liftmagic.comUnfortunately, they are quite limited with what they can do, and how realistically it corresponds to what surgeons can achieve in the operating room. I found the programs worked acceptably well when modelling the effect of wrinkle smoothing (“airbrushing”) lines and wrinkles. But I thought they fell short when modelling the much more complicated effects of rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty or facelift surgery. For example, the rhinoplasty simulator shows only a generic narrowing of the width of the nose on the front view, or reduction of a hump on the nose on the side view. There’s no way to simulate nasal tip surgery.

The breast augmentation program at lookinyourbest.com claims to show the effect of certain size and shapes of breast implants. While this site does give potential patients some education about the difference between high profile and moderate profile implants, I felt that the results pictured did not look like what the real result would be with an implant of the stated size or shape.

So, use these websites for fun – but they are not very representative of what your post-operative appearance will look like at all.

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