OT: Russian Cat gets plastic surgery ?!!

Here is another one from the “Believe It or Not” Files, courtesy of the Austriantimeswebsite. Sounds like the Russian cat had a blepharoplasty and canthopexy…or would that be a “cat-o-pexy”? Crazy!!


Fury over cat’s plastic surgery

Animal rights activists have criticised a “cruel” cat owner who put her pedigree puss through plastic surgery so she would win pet shows.

Lyuska – a two-year-old British shorthair – has undergone an eye-lift from cosmetic surgeons in Rostov, Russia, to make them more almond shaped.

“There were details about her eyes that kept her out of exhibitions and competitions,” owner Olga Boiko said.

Surgeon Alexey Krotov added: “The operation lasted an hour. Under her eyes, we have removed the hair and cut off all unnecessary wrinkles and changed the shape of the eyes. Now Lyuska is a real beauty.”

The procedure has horrified animal rights campaigners in Russia.

“This cat has always been beautiful, it is the way nature made her. It is the owner who needs surgery – brain surgery,” one activist said.

He added: “It’s cruel and unnatural to subject animals to pointless cosmetic surgery just to please their owner.”

image: Wikipedia. A “blue” British Shorthair…not Lyuska


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