Plastic Surgery and break-ups

A recent Washington Post article (link here) discusses the phenomenon of getting plastic surgery to feel better after a break-up or divorce. While that certainly does happen, the obvious concern for me as a surgeon is that people would be potentially making big, life-changing decisions about undergoing surgery while they still may be pretty emotional or stressed. It’s certainly better to let a little time go by. “I’ll show him who’s hot” is perhaps not the best reason to have surgery!

We also see the flip side of things – people in shaky relationships who separate sometime after the plastic surgery is completed. It’s usually a case of a lady who suddenly feels a whole lot better about herself, and who realizes she has choices and options she didn’t think she had before. Or maybe she feels that she doesn’t have to put up with certain situations any more…

Sometimes the shot of self-confidence that plastic surgery brings can have unexpected consequences!

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