Sculptra receives its cosmetic indication from the FDA

Sculptra, the injectible PLA filler, received official FDA approval today for cosmetic use. It had initially approved several years ago for the treatment of lipo-atrophy, (most commonly seen in HIV patients) and was used on an “off-label” basis for cosmetic purposes. It’s a very useful product.Sculptra can be very helpful to restore volume loss in the face and other body areas with a non-surgical method. Usually several treatments are required over the course of several months, but I’ve been very pleased with the results of these treatments. It also represents a nice alternative to fat grafting techniques, avoiding donor site issues.

One key with the use of Sculptra is to use it in a highly diluted form; this helps to avoid the formation of small lumps, known as granulomas. I also do not recommend it for use in the lips.

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