Sunscreen really does prevent wrinkles!

Daily use of sunscreen can prevent wrinkles and slow the aging of the skin, according to a new study published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

The researchers looked at 900 Australian adults younger than 55 (mean age, 39), and randomized them to four treatments:

– daily broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 15+) plus beta carotene supplementation,
– daily sunscreen plus placebo,
– discretionary sunscreen plus beta carotene, or
– discretionary sunscreen plus placebo.
In this case, “discretionary” meant “just do what you always do”.After 4.5 years’ follow-up, only the group that used sunscreen daily showed no increase in photoaging. Compared with discretionary sunscreen users, daily users were 24% less likely to have increased photoaging. Beta carotene use did not appear to make a difference.

In addition, the authors note that small increases in photoaging also correlate with increased risk for skin cancer.  They note: “A reduction in the highly prevalent aging changes among middle-aged adults by regular application of sunscreen will therefore be associated with cosmetic benefit … and reduced risk for skin cancer.”

Since our weather patterns here are similar, Floridians would be wise to take note!

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