Ten reasons to consider a breast lift

You might need a breast lift (mastopexy) if one or more of these ten reasons sounds familiar to you:

1. You prefer the breast shape you get when you lift your breasts upwards with your hands.
2. You want your breasts to be “perkier”.
3. Your breast size is good, but they are “too low”.
4. When standing, one or both of your nipples point towards the ground.
5. When standing, one or both of your nipples are at or below the level of your breast crease.
6. You can’t go braless in any kind of top.
7. Your breast skin is loose, very stretchy, hangs or sags, because of weight fluctuations, pregnancy or breast feeding.
8. You like your breast shape when you stretch your arms above your head.
9. You look short-waisted because your breasts are covering your upper abdomen.
10. If you want your nipples to be positioned higher on the breasts.

Breast implants, by contrast, do not lift the breast. They can add volume, increase roundness, give more upper pole volume, increase projection and fill up loose breast skin – but implants do not lift.

If you have one of these 10 reasons, and want the breast to be larger as well – a combination of breast augmentation and lift may be an option for you.

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