The return of Artefill (now Bellafill)

Artefill (Now called Bellafill), the permanent injectable filler, is returning to the U.S. market.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of the new company, Suneva Medical, that has purchased all the production facilities and intellectual property of Artes Medical, the now-defunct owners of the Artefill brand.

Suneva Medical has now had their manufacturing facilities inspected and certified as GMP, and are ready to re-launch Artefill in selected physician practices. Artefill is a possible treatment for patients who have been using standard fillers for quite some time to improve their naso-labial creases, and who want a more long lasting (i.e. semi-permanent) option. Studies show that Artefill has a five-year proven duration.

The use of permanent fillers is debated amongst plastic surgeons. Injection technique has to be more exact, in terms of the amount and placement of the filler. This is not a product for physicians who are just starting their injection practices. Unlike the HA fillers which can be dissolved with an “antidote”, Artefill injections are not easily reversible. Skin testing is required before the use of Artefill, to check for reactions to the product prior to use. People who have prior reactions to collagen should not have Artefill. Rare reactions, known as granulomas, are still possible, even with this newest formulation.

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