The SoCal “Boobie Bandit”

And now, one of those “News of the Weird” stories…

Allegedly, a woman in Huntington Beach, CA, recently used a stolen identity to open a line of credit, which was then used to finance a breast implant exchange and liposuction surgery, worth $12,000. The woman lied to her doctor and the staff of the surgery center about her name and personal information, but when she didn’t show up for any of the post-operative appointments, the staff became suspicious.

The shapely criminal might have gotten away with this theft – except for one minor detail. Her old breast implants had a registered tracking number, as many implanted devices do. This was used to track down her true identity…

The woman turned herself into custody last week, one day after the story and her photo were made public on the national news and internet.

No news yet on whether the upcoming trial will be televised, or if the stolen property will be repossessed!

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