The Power of ThermiVa® at Fiala Aesthetics

Aging affects our bodies in different ways, sometimes in ways that cannot be seen. The effects of aging and childbirth can be particularly troublesome for the female anatomy. Over time, the vaginal walls lose their elasticity, sometimes making intimacy more difficult and less satisfying. Laxity of the vaginal muscles can also lead to issues like mild urinary incontinence, which can be not only inconvenient, but embarrassing. 

At Fiala Aesthetics in Altamonte Springs, Florida, we have been treating these issues with ThermiVa®. ThermiVa® is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that uses radio frequency to gently heat the affected tissues, stimulating the natural healing process, activating your body’s collagen production. The effects of this activation are more tightened and toned vaginal walls, reduced urinary incontinence, and a restoration to healthy sensitivity and function.

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Fiala and staff are amazing! Very professional and willing to answer any and all questions. From the first consulation to my last follow up visit, I felt comfortable and knew I was in great hands. I would most definitely recommend Fiala aesthetics to any of my family and friends.”  Read more of Dr. Fiala’s Testimonials here »

Benefits of ThermiVa® Treatments:

  • Tighten and tone vaginal muscles that have been stretched through childbirth, menopause or other causes
  • Reduce appearance of enlarged labia
  • Reduce instances of mild urinary incontinence
  • Improve sexual sensation and ability to achieve orgasm
  • Reduce vaginal dryness by reviving natural lubricants

Vaginal rejuvenation is a sensitive subject to discuss with anyone, even your doctor. We at Fiala Aesthetics are experienced professionals who have been helping women turn back the clock on aging and other body changes with discretion and respect. We view ThermiVa® treatments as a natural extension of the services we already provide, and are committed to your experience being safe, comfortable, and discreet. 

Am I a Candidate for ThermiVa®?

Vaginal rejuvenation can be a sensitive topic, and difficult to discuss even with a medical professional. Yet if you feel if your active lifestyle is being hampered by unforeseen changes to your most intimate areas, we encourage you to contact us today to find out if you may be a candidate for ThermiVa®. This revolutionary treatment may be appropriate for you if:

  • Your vaginal muscles have lost elasticity due to childbirth, menopause, or other cases
  • Your labia is stretched and/or enlarged
  • You experience occasional mild incontinence, especially when exercising
  • Your ability to experience sexual sensation and/or orgasm is reduced
  • You experience vaginal dryness

How ThermiVa® Works

ThermiVa® uses radio frequency, which gently heats the vaginal walls and surrounding labia, stimulating the body’s own healing processes, thickening and tightening the vaginal walls and muscles as a result. This natural reaction to the ThermiVa® treatment rejuvenates the vaginal, vulva, and labia, tightening and toning the tissues, leading to a more youthful function and appearance. The specialized ThermiVa® hand-piece can be used on the internal vaginal tissues as well as the external, thereby addressing these areas affectively. 

ThermiVa® treatments are comfortable, non-surgical, and take just 30 minutes per session to complete. There is no recovery or downtime, and no need for anesthesia. While most patients experience noticeable results after the first treatment, a series of three treatments spaced one month apart is recommended to achieve optimal outcomes. Normal activities can be resumed immediately, including intercourse. In general, patients report experiencing long-term positive results from their vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVa®. 

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