Update: DIY injections – ABC “20/20” expose

Television show “20/20” does an investigation on the do-it-yourself cosmetic injection craze and discount medspa.com in particular, and talks to some self-injectors who unfortunately had bad outcomes, who created difficult problems for themselves. Problems that are hard for any surgeon to fix….

(Link to video here)

Watching the video, it’s shocking and quite scary to see the syringes of supposed fillers and other products, arriving from the “discount medspa” website with a home-made label, in a baggie. No official packaging. No holograms to indicate this is the “real stuff”. No FDA-required package insert. No bar codes or lot numbers. Nothing. Just a plain syringe, an alcohol swab and a little paper label sitting in a baggie. The names of these discount products are not even remotely similar to what we use here in the U.S.A….who knows what ingredients are really in there.

And you are supposed to inject that into your face…? Crazy!!

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