Valeant Pharmaceuticals buys Sculptra

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In a $425 million deal, Valeant Pharmaceuticals has purchased the dermatology unit of Sanofi-Adventis.  For us, this means that Valeant will now be in charge of marketing Sculptra, the facial injectable filler agent.

Sculptra is different than other dermal injectable fillers, like Restylane or Juvederm. It stimulates your body to produce some lost collagen, which can gradually improve the quality of the skin and reduce wrinkling and deep hollows. It also lasts up to two years. It’s been quite helpful in restoring hollow cheeks and temples, as well as improving deep naso-labial folds. It’s quite popular here at our Orlando office.

According to our Sculptra rep, we may be seeing more direct-to-consumer marketing of Sculptra with the new owners, but little else will change.  So far, we haven’t heard about any pricing changes, either.

Sanofi, apparently decided to divest its dermatology business with the intention to further concentrate on its core products.

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