Website beauties: models or actual patients?

Nearly all cosmetic surgeons now have glitzy, professionally-produced websites. They typically feature images of beautiful women, showing off toned tummies, sleek silhouettes or fabulous faces. It’s the sizzle that sells the steak.

We have this on our website too…but there’s an important difference. All the ladies you see on our website are our actual patients. They’ve all had cosmetic surgery performed by me.

Most websites instead use what’s known as “stock photography”, where the web designer goes to a photo bank, and gets a pretty-looking image to use. It’s a professional model, not a patient of the surgeon’s.

Scrupulous web designers will put in a little disclaimer – “model shown”, “not a surgical patient” or something of that nature. But most do not. Admittedly, it is a little misleading and can raise unrealistic expectations, but it is, unfortunately, a common practice in the industry.

The next time that you are checking out an aesthetic website, whether it’s a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or some other provider, see if there’s any disclaimers next to the images of the gorgeous supermodels.

I’ll bet that 95% of the time, you won’t see any.

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