Which TV Doctor would you pick?

Here’s a bit of fun: according to a recent survey conducted by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), Gregory House (from the FOX-TV series “House”) is simultaneously America’s most loved and most hated TV doctor, and the medical professional most people would want as their own doctor. Go figure!

Apparently, Americans respect and want his brilliant diagnostic abilities, but don’t care for his gruff manner and lack of people skills.

The other favorite TV doctors were: Marcus Welby, Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H*), John Carter (“ER”). On the other end of the scale, the TV docs that people least wanted to have were: Doogie Howser, Gregory House (as stated above) and Frasier Crane (“Frasier”).

The results of the survey suggested that the qualities people value most in a physician are bedside manner and communication skills (95%) and board certification (93%). Curiously, only 45% of these same survey respondents had ever checked to see if their doctor is board-certified. (Go to www.ABMS.org if you ever want to look up your doctor’s board credentials.)

Consumer tip: Remember, with the new “Truth in Medical Education” laws passed here in Florida last year, it’s not enough for your doctor to say he/she is “Board Certified”. They also must tell you the specific name of the ABMS Board as well. That means a “wanna-be cosmetic surgeon” who trained in gastroenterology or OB/GYN, would legally have to tell you those very relevant details.

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