World’s biggest breast implants – infected, removed

Sheyla Hershey, the Brazilian-born Texan model/actress/singer who became known mostly for her quest for ever-larger breast implants, developed complications after her latest set of M-cup implants, which were implanted in South America after U.S. surgeons refused, became infected and began to extrude through her thinned-out skin, despite IV antibiotics.

The full story is here, in the Orange County Register.

Ms. Hershey had reportedly had approximately 8 to 10 previous breast surgeries to reach that size, and had been awarded a citation in the Brazilian edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for having the “largest breast implants in Brazil”.

Take home lessons: 1) really big breast implants are associated with increased risks, including tissue thinning, pocket stretching, ptosis (droop), wound healing problems, and a much higher rate of secondary surgeries. Even when they are not as nearly as large as Ms. Hershey’s.

2) It’s unwise to push tissue way past where it was meant to go.

3) Listen to your surgeon. If he/she tells you that it would be unwise or not in your long-term best interest to do an operation, don’t run down the street (or go to South America) just to find a surgeon that will do what you want. Maybe it’s time to think twice.

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