Yes – you really are turning into your mother!

You know that old saying, about how a young man should look at his prospective mother-in-law, to see how his wife-to-be might look in the future? Turns out, there’s some scientific validity to it….but only if the mother and daughter have similar appearances to start with.

A recent study from Loma Linda University Medical Center found that mothers and daughters who have similar facial appearances age in similar patterns. The team used 3-D cameras and computer modeling to examine the faces of 40 mother-daughter pairs. They found that the signs of aging, particularly volume loss in the lower eyelid, are nearly identical for both moms and daughters. Lookalike mothers and daughters, they discovered, share the way their skin sags as it ages.

The study’s authors feel that these similarities could help guide a plastic surgeon, by offering a reasonably accurate “preview” of what may happen to the daughter’s appearance, and could be particularly helpful for women who are between their mid-30’s and 50, who are considering non-invasive treatments like Botox and fillers.

So – how can you keep yourself looking young for as long as possible? Eat healthy, protect yourself from the sun, and don’t smoke.

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